Saturday, May 24, 2008

To all my blog fans....your welcome.

Dear Fans,

I know you are few in numbers since I have never properly blogged before. And what few scraps of blog I have thrown to the internet dogs have been few and far between. Yet you have remained fiercely loyal.
Thank you for your patience.
Some of you have waited since my birth. 27 long years. Since before the word blog was invented. (LOL!) I am speaking here of my mother. Yes. This is a blog that I want my mom to read (and your mom too!) This is a mom friendly blog and foul language will be appropriately bleeped out. I will be talking about many things. Adult issues. Truth and justice. loveter and laughmance. Hope and Obama. Action movies. My life here in Amsterdam. Funny things. People. Places. Blings. The Portland Trailblazers. Gravity. Yoga. Non-duality mother #*($@%!
In short it will be a person-ality blog. One of the hopes of this blog is to getting me writing again. I think feed back from people other then the ones living in my false ego would be helpful for that. So please, comment away commentators!

What will this blog be???
And who will hold accountable???
Pray tell, blogmaster forsooth!

I hear your cries, blog fans. And I sympathize. Let me now put your fears to rest.

Here is the mission statement for this blog:

"I pledge to make a funny blog that is also meaningful and to post at least once post a week if not much much more."

Not bad. Vauge. And pretentious. Just the way I like it.

As for the 2nd question: I alone will be accountable for the content of this blog. Count on it. And if I happen to offend some gentle reader, I will quickly and decisively pass the buck. To myself.

So join me on this journey. And together we will ride like unicorns through a butterscotch rainbow.


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