Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sad day in Oranje Town

The Depressed Dutch.

Well the glorious run of the 2008 dutch national voetbal team has come to an inglorious end. Losing at the hand of a talented and (superior) Russian side 3-1 in overtime. Although if not for Captain and current champions league title holding keeper Van de Sar (who, much like for their basketball stars, the dutch have a song for. His is to the tune of the popular American 4th of July tune: "3 cheers for the red-white and blue" except it goes "Van de sar, Van de Sar, Van de Sar! Van de Sar, Van de Sar, Van de SA-R.) it would have been more like 7-1.

It was a great run for the dutch team. And now its is over. All though for the shop keepers around the Leidseplein it is just as well. Many fans put orange on and just go absolutely bat-crap crazy. Getting way too drunk and out of control. The police where out in force last night and apparently had been beating people who let the frustration of losing get to them.

Of course for the Russian fans there was joy. And interestingly, having not met nary a Russian person for the entire year I've lived in Amsterdam. They were seemingly everywhere last night. I met like 10 Russians over the last two days and I must say, was impressed with their passion and accents. (very cute)

For the Dutch people, most handled losing like they new it was coming. The mood in the air was very nervous before the game. It was the elimination round and the team hadn't played for a week. But there was an feeling of resignation that lingered. The dutch attitude was to pretend that the losing didn't matter, that they didn't care. But no one was fooled. Many still wanted to get drunk and dance (as they do) but the atmosphere wasn't so gezellig.

Well, theres always the world cup, just a short two years away.

As for now, Hup Turkey and Spain! (who I have in my pool!)

If they make it to the finals I stand a good chance of taking this thing home.


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